Let me introduce myself.

Leo Bandeira
Leo Bandeira
Chief Creative Officer




Let me introduce myself.

I’m a builder. My enthusiasm lies in building roads for myself, making the path easier for others.

Through curiosity, I became creative. Through creativity, I became an observer.

Naturally, I went looking for content that went beyond the traditional teachings learned at the University of Design or in the experiences lived over twenty-five years of career as Art Director and Creative Director. The creative process is individual, as well as our human development (quality and choices of life) and technical development (increase in capacities professionals). That’s why we must respect the pace of individual development.

Design is a vast world where we see it unfolding in all fields of society. He is at the center of a large company’s commercial success or his city’s urban solution. Design is on supermarket shelves in cooking, fashion, technology, photography, art, science, music, and sports. Understanding this mechanism’s history, culture, and functioning facilitates the absorption of the best practices of the international market in reality, adapted to our needs.

However, being efficient in creation does not guarantee effectiveness in results.

As professionals in a market so broad and, at the same time, so fragile, we must expand our capacity for expression and be able to build engaging narratives that add quality to our work. In other words:


The purpose of this blog, however, is to encourage interest, generate debates, and explore talents and styles, in addition to strengthening the search for general knowledge applied in our daily lives. Here, I present my perspectives and analyses on some subjects that can help your professional growth and cultural expansion.

I based myself on research and theses but always interpreted them from my perspective. In these articles, I gathered themes that It is essential in terms of general, historical, philosophical, and technical knowledge, always seeking to add BUSINESS VALUE TO DESIGN.

And remember: The best way to improve skills is to invest in knowledge. Be multidisciplinary. Be multidimensional. Enjoy knowledge wisely. Good reading.