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Waugh Family Wines

The Tree 
of Life

Logo // Visual ID



The tree represents the balance between the union of the elements of nature and the foundation of the family as well as its links, lineage and passage through time.

The idea and thought which came to us to represent the concept and brand of  Waugh Family Wines, both for their ancestors and to their descendants, is the almighty tree.  


The tree grows both upwards as well as downwards. Through its roots, it nourishes and is nourished by mother earth and the stronger the tree root, the more sturdy, healthy, and beautiful it becomes.  


It is a symbol that is airtight. 

“What is at the top is as what is below”. The world above is as alive as the world below.


The tree also represents the Celtic culture of the people of Scotland, Ireland, and England. Knowing the origin of the Waugh surname is Scottish, we sought to stylize the symbol of the “Tree of Life”, a graphical representation of all power and balance.


A virtuous cycle of both natural union and evolution.

Referring to the wine market, the tree also represents the channel where the grape grows and matures to finally interact with the hands of those who harvest and manufacture this “Nectar of the Gods” giving a special flavor and a wonderful experience for those who consume it.

Graphically, we solve the whole concept and representation through an illustration where the treetop is mosaic Celtic interlace in both an aesthetic and harmonic way. And the root, which is also the letter “W” can be seen as two overlapping glasses of wine that sustain and nourish the tree.

A strong brand that is both aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.


Credits: Art Direction & Design: Leo Bandeira  // Leader & Strategy: Jason Saldaña

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