Timeless Sports Nutrition

A 'Timeless' New Look.

Case Study



Timeless refers to something that’s eternal, infinite. Something that doesn’t age or loses its qualities and features over time.

Eternity and infinity have a well-known symbol that portrays them, it’s widely used and since timeless is a synonym for eternity, we can use the infinity loop to represent the brand.

The DNA inside any living being’s cells is infinite, it keeps renewing, replicated within each new cell in our body.

It can take about 6.8 million years until all of a single DNA molecule’s bonds are broken.

Our representation of the infinity loop symbol starts with a single character from the typeface chosen for Proposal A.

We start the loop shape by placing two O’s side by side. Using the oval shapes that make the O’s we draw some tangent lines between them.

And subtract the parts that are not needed for the loop. This is the TIMELESS LOOP, an infinity loop-like no other, based solely on the chosen typography for your logo. No other infinity loop has the same features and that’s what makes it unique and timeless.



A logo should be used whenever it’s needed without the hassle of having to change a single element in its predesigned variations.

This is the vertical variation of the logo, to be used in more vertical areas and not lose its size to be able to fit.

It allows full readability of the name Timeless Sports Nutrition in sizes from 1 inch and up.

The horizontal variations of the logo were designed to have improved readability both in more horizontal and smaller areas, given that the name Timeless Sports Nutrition could then become unreadable.

These variations work great for a large horizontal wall sign but are also perfect for being printed on pens, pencils, rulers, and other small media.

The horizontal variations offer improved readability down to 1.5 inches wide for the top one or a tenth of an inch tall for the bottom one

Peach Mango
Fruit Punch

Creating custom colors is a fun part of what we do. For Timeless we took the flavors to create their color system all to focus and reinforce their brand presence.

The Timeless Hourglass Symbol can be used by itself when rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise as a social media avatar, app icon, website favicon, as well as anywhere the Wordmark would not fit or would not read well because of size or ratio limitation.