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As a creative agency we work with you to increase your marketing and company ROI through our graphic design, print, and integrated print media services. To see samples of our work simply scroll below to explore.

We are a Silicon-Valley based full-service Creative Agency. As a Creative Agency, our strategic focus is to develop a thorough understanding of our client’s mission, goals & vision for brand creation and enhancement.


Coming from different backgrounds we believe in the work we do and projects we take on. We are not in it to win it. We are in it to make a difference.

Copa Founders

Copa helped us raise the bar. They understand what companies need to do to stand out.

Sarju Naran's testimonial

Sarju Naran

Shareholder, Hoge Fenton

By using their design & print services it has helped my business increase and has allowed me to stay in the top position within my industry.

Jordan Mott's testimonial

Jordan Mott


They really care for their clients. If your company is looking to elevate its brand I'd recommend working with Copa.

Sean McLean's testimonial

Sean McLean


They help create my brand and style, effectively designed my material to get results, and were able to produce my products faster and under budget than other companies.

Lex Orosco's testimonial

Lex Orosco

Top Producing Agent 1% worldwide

Copa promised and delivered a timely and qualitative work. I highly recommend Copa for all branding development and I would work with them again and again and again.

Fabia Gouvea's testimonial

Fabia Gouvea

Fabia Gouvea Studio

Copa understands how good design increases the value of a company. People want to feel good before they buy. Copa can provide that experience.

Tony Quintong's testimonial

Tony Quintong

Securieon Group Management Advisory

Copa captured our vision and produced a strong brand for our company. Our credibility is already established even before we talk to our customers.

Ryan Ballesteros's testimonial

Ryan Ballesteros

VP of Marketing, Canid Roots

Copa really helped us to bring Torus to life. They did a tremendous job in understanding our company philosophy and its associated values and transformed those into a unique brand concept and logo.

Tim Hufschmidt's testimonial

Tim Hufschmidt

CMO Torus Underwear

Copa have the best artists and designers I have ever encountered.

Ricardo Liborio's testimonial

Ricardo Liborio

Martial Arts Nation