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We are Copa.

We are a Silicon-Valley based full-service Creative Agency. As a Creative Agency, our strategic focus is to develop a thorough understanding of our client’s mission, goals & vision for brand creation and enhancement.

We offer a combination of graphic design, logo & identity creation, full-service printing, and company activation, which mirrors each client's unique characteristics, reinforces their identity, and catapults their growth.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of creativity and design values and our eco-systematic approach allows us to provide a suite of solutions at a fraction of the cost of each individual service somewhere else.

At Copa Design our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and making sure we apply them throughout the entire design process. This customer-driven approach is why we‘re such a successful Creative Design Studio.

As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work is exactly what they had in mind. The end result is an inspiring and breakthrough design that will boost their profile in meaningful ways.

Born & Raised in California

But our history began in Rio de Janeiro

For years Copa has worked 100% remotely. While we still maintain an office for client meetings in today’s day and age having the ability to work remotely has proven successful.

Most of our meetings are done via video, our designers are free to create and our client footprint is global.

And because of this, we have managed to unite and connect Rio’s creativity and joy with Silicon Valley’s business intelligence and strategy. This mixture gives us the ability to develop even more interesting and attractive projects.

We do it because we love it.

We love it because we believe in our purpose.

Copa is from Copacabana, a traditional neighborhood and the most famous in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. Sung in songs and verses, from Bossa Nova to Rock n’ Roll, the concept behind the name refers to the socio-democratic functionality, where everyone is welcome and becomes equal in the eyes of its residents. This egalitarian characteristic is part of our ideology.

It doesn’t matter if a customer is big or small. We will always treat you with respect and attention. We believe that all companies can and should have good design material. We offer that. We are craftsmen. More than understanding business, we understand people, cultures, and their differences.

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