We are Designers

If the Logo is the soul and the Brand is the personality, then Graphic Design can be considered the outfit its wearing.

Graphic Design integrates practically the entire Visual Identity of a company. Through graphic pieces (printed & digital) it is possible to transmit all kinds of communication and emotion that a service or product needs to present itself to the market and its consumers.

The world around us is filled with Graphic Design. It can be on the streets or even in our homes, our eyes and brains are educated since we were born to interact with Graphic Design. From religious symbols to traffic signs, from signs at airports to the flag of countries. All of this is, in a certain perspective, part of the Graphic Design universe.

Human beings have always had the need to transmit and express their emotions and feelings through drawings. Since the caveman times, we are graphic beings and this allowed us to connect with other peoples and cultures.

Posters, for example, have played a key role in ideologies over the last century. This is just one example of how much a piece of Graphic Design can influence and inspire people.

The credibility of a company can even be closely related to its graphic quality, boosting sales, and inspiring generations.