A Logo is a Soul

A Brand is its personality

There is always a concept beyond the Logo.

A Logo has life. It reflects values, beliefs, and credibility.

The Logo creation must be seen as fundamental support in communication between the client and its target. It must make everyone believe in the values of the brand and the philosophy of the company.

Design is intended to encourage people. It makes brands an object of desire of consumers and admirers. Logos relate to people and from that experience, a strong connection is established. It is the feelings of value, trust, and beliefs that define conduct, consolidate the connections and multiply the followers. The human being is a sensorial species and the visual impulse (most of the time) is the first contact with the surrounding atmosphere.

There is always a concept beyond the Logo.

A Logo is not just a scheme of shapes and colors that serve to identify a company.

Its function goes a lot further. The Logo aims to demonstrate the soul of the company through its design. It is a symbol, which besides the utility of communicating and reinforcing visibility has the function of acting as a distinctive element of the organization, serving as an anchor for all its identification.

The Logo represents the company and should be used in all types of communication, being a reference for brand identification.