Jubilee 2025

Logo for the
Holy Year


Case Study


On June 28, 2022, the presentation of the new Logo for the Holy Year of Jubilee 2025 took place in Vatican City, Rome.

A global competition in which 294 projects from 48 different countries participated was attended by distinguished people from the Catholic community and the specialized press.

​The first Christian Jubilee in history took place in 1300. The Jubilee is a traditional religious celebration of the Catholic Church and has been celebrated every 25 years since 1450.

Copa Design - an American design agency with Brazilian roots - accepted the challenge to participate in the contest and voluntarily create the “Pilgrims of Hope” Logo, a motto that will be addressed during the Catholic Jubilee year, under the supervision of Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.

The project was under the care of our Creative Director, Leonardo H. Bandeira, who carried out with competence, versatility, and enthusiasm all the stages of building the brand.

Since the first brainstorming meetings began in February 2022, our entire Creative Team agreed that the “SEA SHELL” would be the main symbol of our proposal, given the liturgical and metaphorical importance of this element for pilgrims from all over the world.

The Creative Process, in which Leo was intimately immersed, indicated that we were on the right path. The Symbols fit together creating a fluid Brand containing 12 intrinsic characters that relate harmoniously without graphic interference or visual conflicts.

Yes, 12 symbols in 1. Something unlikely even for the most talented Designers in the Brand market.

Copa had three months to present the proposal which, although it was not approved by the Judging Committee composed of Iconographers, Graphic Designers, Specialists in Art and Brands, Architects, and some Pastors, we are convinced that our proposal was one of the three finalists presented to Pope Francis on June 11, 2022, in a closed meeting.

We say this because we received an email on June 2, 2022, informing us that the Judging Committee had yet to make a final decision on the choice of Logo. Remember that the contest sends emails only for the chosen projects.

Nevertheless, this project allowed us to delve into a world where religion and the mystic travel alongside the history of western culture. And so, we could better understand the relationship moved by the faith of Catholics in their Christian purpose.

Leo always says: “Taste is intimate and styles make Design. So, coherence is the key.”.

The winning proposal follows the traditional graphic style of Catholicism, and our recommendation provided some innovative visual stimuli.

We congratulate Giacomo Trevisani, the Italian Designer responsible for the chosen Logo, and we wish the best of luck for the Jubilee and all the Catholic faithful around the world.