Leo Bandeira
Leo Bandeira
Chief Creative Officer



What is a Logo

Leading people to believe in your ideals

A logo is not just a scheme of shapes and colors identifying a company. Its function goes a lot further. A logo aims to demonstrate the personality of the company through its design. It is a symbol that, besides the utility of communicating and reinforcing visibility, acts as a distinctive element of the organization, serving as an anchor for all its identification.

The logo represents the company and should be used in all types of communication, being a reference for brand recognition. Every branding detail is essential and should be valued as pieces of trustful, knowledge, and solidness. The idea behind the scenes is to create and obtain credibility and quality in all human senses. From the basics: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. To the subtle: Movement, Well-being, Perception, and others.

The human being is a sensorial species, and the visual impulse (most of the time) is the first contact with the surrounding atmosphere. In the case of a company, all the senses are fundamental in building a positive experience.

The logo must carry the company’s spirit, philosophy, personality, and essence.

Logos have life, personality, and spirit. It reflects your values, beliefs, and credibility and inspires the world around you. Therefore, respect for the logo and the brand attributes will contribute to a good message for the people and market. Logos relate to people, and from that experience, a strong connection is established. The feelings of value, trust, and beliefs define conduct, consolidate the relationships and multiply the followers.

The support of design

Design must be seen as a fundamental support in communication between the company and people. It must make everyone believe in the brand’s values and the company’s philosophy. Design is intended to encourage people. It makes brands an object of desire for consumers and admirers.

A good design project facilitates this understanding. It makes people proud to be part of that community, serving as spontaneous agents in disseminating and propagating the company’s brand concept. When this confidence is reached, the companies obtain more than clients or new projects. They have earned admirers.

The power of human relationships (and between people and companies) defines our species’ growth, improvement, and evolution. The vision and understanding of this interactivity generate benefits beyond the “established rules” as a recipe for success or good business. The logo is one of the main assets of a company. It strengthens an individual’s awareness of and interest in the company’s product or service.